Welcome to Jejak Dolan, your cheat sheet for lodging, food, and attraction!

Jejak Dolan is a media established by two female bloggers; each with her unique way of telling their stories:

    • Anugrahni is a content writer specialized in legal. She is fond of reading and traveling—a walking encyclopedia, an expert in details and pays attention to the littlest things.
    • The other blogger is Je, the one behind dotdolan.com. As an English instructor, Je has more skills in English storytelling, practical tips in backpacking, as well as writing the big pictures of the stories.

The articles in www.jejakdolan.com are based on our experience and/or research from the writers/contributors. Those articles provide a virtual real-time experience which will guide you for your next adventures.

We consider our readers as our friends, or kawan (in Bahasa Indonesia) who are willing to travel (dolanĀ in Javanese) with us. Thus, we call you as Kawan Dolan.

Without further ado, Kawan Dolan, enjoy our stories in Jejak Dolan, your only cheat sheet for a hassle-free traveling!


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